Tools for Workplace Campaigns

Welcome to the United Way of the CSRA Campaign Toolkit. Here you will find information on how to run your campaign successfully.

If your company is running a campaign for the first time, contact Rina Powell at 706.724.5544 or for help with getting started.

The Employee Campaign Manager Guide is a useful tool for help with planning your campaign and understanding how United Way is making a difference in our community.


Employee Campaign Manager Resources

2016 Employee Campaign Manager Guide

LinkedIn United Way of the CSRA ECM (Employee Campaign Manager) Group 

Donor Designation Policy

Frequently Asked Questions


Campaign Materials

2016 Campaign Poster

2016 Campaign Brochure

2017 Caring Club Poster

2016 Annual Report

Why United Way and Frequently Asked Questions 2016 Campaign

2017 Project Serve Flyer

2300 Themes

DID YOU KNOW Payroll Stuffer

Impact of $1…$5…$10…$20

United Way Pledge Form

What your contribution provides ($1, $5, $10, $20)


“Fun”-Raisers and special events

Candy Gram Template

Candy Gram Directions

Crazy Hat Day Sticker Template

“Fun”-Raisers for your workplace

Jeans Day Template

Live United Word Search

PepperMINT Pattie Candy Gram

Where is United Way of the CSRA CEO Ms. La Verne Gold? (Questions)

Where is United Way of the CSRA CEO Ms. La Verne Gold? (Answers)


Outer Space Themed Campaign Materials

Outer Space Themed Jean Day Coupon



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