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The Alvin W. Vogtle Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes one individual each year who has made a positive impact through service to a non-profit organization within the CSRA. Candidates for this award are individuals who have given of their time and talents and have greatly enhanced the quality of service provided. Eligibility: 1. Nominee’s volunteer organization must provide services for the community-at-large.   2. Only non-profit agencies may submit nominations for the Alvin W. Vogtle Volunteer of the Year Award   3. Volunteer service must have been performed within a two-year period in the CSRA. However, the nominee does not have to be a resident of the CSRA.   4. Volunteer service may be performed on work-release time, without pay and can be for student course credit. Reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses such as gasoline, is acceptable.   5. All nominees must be at least 16 years of age or older at the time of nomination.   Nomination Form Instructions: 1. Nomination forms must be filled out completely and typed. Nominations are limited to the space provided.   2. Individuals or groups may nominate more than one candidate.   3. Do not use the nominee’s name in the narrative; refer only to gender.   4. Nomination forms must be submitted no later than January 14, 2011.   5. No videotapes, scrapbooks, photos or binders are allowed and will not be given to the judges or returned.   6. Judges may request additional information from nominees, nominators or agencies.   7. The judges’ decision is final.   8. Nomination and attachments become the property of United Way of the CSRA and should be emailed to:     Helpful Tips:   1. Be specific and concise. Judges score each category individually so be sure to have adequate information in each category.   2. Focus on one program that best exemplifies the nominee’s service. Secondarily, describe other volunteer work or leadership positions as they rank in importance.   3. Assume judges know nothing about the nominee, the organization or the community. Judges may be unfamiliar with the organization, so tell the story as you would to a stranger. Be sure to include service to organizations other than your own.   4. Well-written nominations score higher with the judges. Have another person proof the nomination for errors or omissions.   For More Information Contact: Angela Collins United Way of the CSRA (706) 724-5544 or     NOMINEE: PHONE: ( )   MAILING ADDRESS:   CITY: STATE: ZIP:   EMPLOYER:   JOB TITLE:   EMAIL:   PHONE:   *****************************************************************   NOMINATOR: DATE:   AGENCY NAME:   MAILING ADDRESS:   CITY: STATE: ZIP:   BUSINESS PHONE: ( ) Email:   * Nominator must give his or her name in order to validate the entry. If you wish your name kept confidential, please check here 0   *****************************************************************   There are three categories in which the nominee(s) may earn points (refer to the attached sheet). Please provide information of the nominee in all appropriate categories. Forms must be typed or printed legibly and comments are limited to the space provided. Please do not adjust font size below size 11. Include information from the past two years only and list activities in chronological order. Do NOT use nominee's name in the narrative as you describe their accomplishments. Please email all entries to:     ***NOMINATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER JANUARY 14, 2011!!!***     *NOTE: Please do not give the name of your nominee, refer to them as: he, she or him, her     CATEGORY I: Service to your agency (include committee or board membership):                         CATEGORY II: Service to other human service agencies:                       CATEGORY III: Involvement with civic, service, professional or religious organizations: