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Terrence, the father of a young daughter and a man who loved children, found his life greatly changed after a motorcycle accident. When he awoke in the hospital several days after the accident, he found he could neither speak nor move any part of his body . . . except his eyes. After spending five grueling months in the hospital, he slowly regained his speech as well as some movement from his chest up.

Although he was confined to a wheelchair, Terrence was anxious to get back to work and become active again. So, he asked the rehab staff to help him find a place where he could volunteer, preferably with children. The Family Y was a perfect fit for Terrence. Even from his wheelchair he was able to work at the front desk during the day, and in the evenings he tutored children and helped them with their homework.

Within three years after the accident, Terrence was able to move into his own apartment where he had his young daughter come and live with him. He also enrolled at Augusta State University.

Unfortunately, all of these new responsibilities forced Terrence to cut back on his volunteer hours at The Family Y, but he was determined to keep his “Y” connection. So, he now takes an Adaptive Aquatics class on Saturdays. Using a head support, he is able to swim 500 meters in an hour. “The exercise is helping me regain movement in my arms and legs,” says Terrence. He is also thankful that The Family Y is still a part of his life. “When I had nothing, they offered me a place to come and work to do. We’ve become a family!”

Because of your caring, agencies like The Family Y are catalysts for changing lives. Thanks for investing in our community.