Robert and Agnes’s Story

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Life was good; Robert and Agnes were enjoying the “golden years”.

Alzheimers began its cruel theft of Robert’s memory. Then, additional health issues made him at-risk for falls. Agnes became his primary caregiver. Robert was her only concern, even to the point of neglecting her own health. Family wanted to help, but they had full-time jobs and were unable to lend daily assistance. Agnes found she had no one to turn to for help…a story all too often seen in the lives of our aged population.

Agnes contacted The Senior Citizens Council. Senior Companion Lossie was assigned to visit the home two days each week. Lossie not only assisted Robert, but her presence in the home provided much needed respite for Agnes. Lossie arranged her schedule to accommodate the many medical appointments for Agnes and Robert.

Robert’s condition deteriorated. He had to go to a skilled care facility. Agnes became isolated and lonely, her physical health was increasingly compromised. Lossie now turned her loving care to Agnes. Today, Lossie continues to visit Agnes and assist her with medical appointments, shopping, errands, and visits to Robert at the nursing facility. These visits make their separation so much easier.

Lossie is now a part of the family, a trusted companion. Her visits bring joy to Agnes. Your gifts to United Way made Lossie available to Agnes and Robert.

When asking, “Why United Way?” think of Robert and Agnes. I suspect you know people just like them.