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The Tocqueville Society of the Central Savannah River Area

“America is great because America is good.”  In that enduring observation, Alexis de Tocqueville expressed his admiration for a nation that comes together for common purpose during times of need.  This is demonstrated in the leadership and generosity of Tocqueville Society members.

French Aristocrat Alexis de Tocqueville came to America in 1831.  His travels took him all over this young nation where he keenly watched the American society.  Perhaps his most important observation was that we helped each other in times of need.  He recognized, applauded, and immortalized the voluntary spirit that lives in American’s hearts.

The Tocqueville Society of the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) exists to foster, promote, and recognize the vital importance of voluntary community service and personal giving at an exceptional level.  Its members demonstrate extraordinary leadership and commitment to their community by making a significant personal investment of $10,000.

Agencies are reporting that requests for assistance are outpacing available resources and that is why your participation in this year’s campaign is critical.  If you are considering joining The Tocqueville Society, I invite you to advance our mission of creating positive change in the CSRA.  Some of you have been Loyal Contributors at other levels – contributing for 25 years or more – and we are so grateful to you for your ongoing commitment.  Now more than ever, we need you to increase your level of giving, if possible, to $10,000 or beyond.  When you do, you’ll become part of a special community of leaders.

If you are a current member of The Tocqueville Society, consider how increasing your gift can help us achieve results and support our community during these difficult times when needs are greater.  I also invite you to help us identify other community leaders who, if asked, would give spontaneously, even in this economic environment.  Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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The Tocqueville Society was created by United Way of America in 1972 to promote voluntary community service and to recognize the value of such service to our nation.  The name Tocqueville Society was chosen because of Tocqueville’s admiration for the spirit of voluntary association and effort for the common good, a spirit he noticed in America and wrote about enthusiastically.

United Way of the CSRA joined The Tocqueville Society in 1996.  These investors are dedicated to our community’s strong tradition of caring.  They have made a significant personal investment and are leading the way to a better community for us all.

The Tocqueville Society is a crucial and an exciting division of United Way’s fund raising.  When a community leader becomes a member, he or she becomes part of a nationally recognized leadership program.  Its members are characterized by extraordinary leadership and commitment to their community.  Tocqueville members join a select group of community leaders who have declared, through their action, that their community is worthy of significant personal investment.

Currently there are over 398 local Tocqueville Societies in communities across the United States. Last year 398 societies raised over $400 million from over 20,111 individuals nationwide.