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United Way Brand Identity

  1. Brandmark:
    1. The new full-color version of the United Way brandmark is the primary brandmark of the identity system. It is strongly recommended that this version be used in branded applications whenever possible.
    2. When reproduction constraints prevent the use of the primary full-color United Way brandmark, there are two alternative one-color versions (one-color blue and one-color black brandmarks) which may be used.
    3. There are also three special usage brandmarks for use when printing on colored surfaces or screening of inks is not possible.  They are blue special, black special, and white special usage brandmarks.
    4. To ensure the integrity of the United Way brandmark, its width  should never be reduced to less than .75 inches for print or special usage, and 90 pixels or 1.25 inches for screen applications.
    5. Never attempt to redraw or rescale the elements of the brandmark or add other graphic elements to its presentation.  Also, do not extract any of the graphic elements contained in the brandmark to use separately.
    6. The brandmark should always be placed at a distance of a half of the symbol square from the right edge of any print or on-screen application.  (When typing the local identifier at the left margin of a page, it should be placed at the same distance from the left edge.)
  2. Localization:
    1. The brandmark and local identifier should be used on all marketing communications, including print collateral, advertising and website.
    2. Localization can be accomplished in three ways: with two fixed lock-ups (left of brandmark, and below brandmark), and a flexible placement treatment.
    3. When using the flexible placement treatment, the local identifier should be typed below the brandmark on two lines, or at the left margin of the page on two lines.
    4. If the local identifier is placed below the brandmark, the height of the “U” in the local identifier should be half the height of the “U” in the brandmark.  If the local identifier is placed at the left margin of the page, the “U” in the local identifier should be the same height as the “n” in the brandmark.
    5. Regardless of its placement, the local identifier always appears in first upper case and then all lower case Meta Bold font.

Full-Color Brandmarks:





One-Color Brandmarks:







Special Brandmarks: