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Are you requesting toys from Toys for Tots?


Do you have an age limit for toys? 

If you are providing food, what are your requirements to receive food? 

Type(s) of service to be provided:

What is your application process and dates/days for food?

Are you accepting open applications? Meaning will you serve clients that are not on your current list?



Please provide your application dates AND times for toys. (Ex. Are you only accepting applications on Mondays or on weekdays between 9a-10a?)

Are you accepting appointments for the application process?



What is your application location/address? This will be provided to 2-1-1 callers as applicable. 

What phone number should be provided to the applicants? (Who should they be directed to with questions?)

What counties do you serve?

Will you distribute at your agency location?


If no, then where will you distribute?

Anticipated distribution date: 

Anticipated distribution date: 

Anticipated distribution date: 

Please list all NEW individuals who will be entering names into the clearhousing site for your Agency.  DO NOT list individuals who already have access. 


Note: Each login will be unique to each user. This means two users cannot use the same email in our system. 




If you have more than three (3) new users, please email United Way directly ( with the remaining users' information. 

Thank you for sending United Way of the CSRA your information. 

Our team will be in contact with you to provide further details. 




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