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United Way’s 2017 “Above and Beyond Awards” were presented to four United Way Employee Campaign Managers (ECMs) at the 2018 Annual Meeting on February 27, 2018, at the Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center.  These ECMs truly stood-out and excelled in making their campaigns fun, energetic, and educational.  Running a campaign can be a challenge, but these ECMs worked tirelessly to run a model campaign. They each incorporated special events, leadership, and energy to make their campaign exciting and fun for their employees. 

  • Jennifer Miller – Graphic Packaging International
  • Jay Murray – SunTrust Bank
  • Melissa Nelson & Melvis McCullough – Samson’s Manufacturing

Jennifer Miller, with Graphic Packaging International, worked tirelessly to run a strong campaign at a site with hundreds of employees. Her effort and commitment, which included MULTIPLE presentations and awesome incentives, paid off resulting in a record breaking campaign.

Jay Murray (Katie Gurley pictured) with SunTrust Bank had a plan for their 2017 Campaign. Rather than waiting for the national campaign to begin, he said let’s start early so our staff knows exactly who United Way is, what they do, and how we can support them. We appreciate you attending every early morning presentation. You have what we call dedication!

Melissa Nelson and Melvis McCullogh, with Samsons Manufacturing in Waynesboro, have been a dynamic duo working together for approximately 30 years and leading the United Way campaign for almost 10 years. Because of their dedication, compassion, and care for the community, they wrapped up a record breaking campaign in 2017.


Just like United Way’s company campaigns, the Partner Agencies also run a United Way Campaign each year. The 2017 “Agency Model Campaign” award was presented to:

  • The Family YMCA

United Way’s Partner Agencies not only attend ECM workshops, they also hold special events and include United Way speakers as part of their campaigns. The Family YMCA ran an outstanding campaign in 2017. Bill Crowder, Chief Operating Officer, received the award on behalf of The Family YMCA.

United Way would like to extend congratulations to all of the award recipients and thanks for your hard work to make your campaign a success for your company, United Way, and the community.  You are greatly appreciated!