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 United Way’s 2016 “Above & Beyond Award” was presented to four United Way Employee Campaign Managers (ECMs) at the 2017 Annual Meeting on February 21, 2017, at the Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center.  These ECMs truly stood-out and excelled in making their campaigns fun, energetic, and educational.  Running a campaign can be a challenge, but these ECMs worked tirelessly to run a model campaign. They each incorporated special events, leadership, and energy to make their campaign exciting and fun for their employees. 

Judy Beltz – Club Car

Diane Cooper – South State Bank & Trust Company

Carpii Edenfield – Queensborough National Bank & Trust Company

Derek Sumter – Southern Nuclear Operating Company


Judy Beltz with  Club Car  is an Employee Campaign Manager whose high energy and enthusiasm, mixed with a compassion for others, resulted in a record-breaking campaign. Judy was focused on the goal and led her team to victory. BIG SHOUT OUT to Judy for her many years of service as an Employee Campaign Manager at Club Car!

 Diane Cooper  with South State Bank & Trust – This individual has worked with United Way as a Campaign Cabinet Member as well as an Employee Campaign Manager for countless years. Even though her company was going through a transition, Diane worked hard to make their campaign strong.

Carpii Edenfield with Queensborough National Bank – We know running a model campaign takes time, energy, and creativity, but Carpii made it look effortless Not only did she lead the campaign, she also served on our Campaign Cabinet making several visits throughout the CSRA.

Derrick Sumter with Southern Nuclear Operating Company – To run a campaign at a site as large as Plant Vogtle takes a lot of time and effort on top of your job responsibilities. Derrick is someone whose persistence and hard work paid off with a record-breaking campaign which included MULTIPLE special events and presentations, mixed with lots of FUN.



This year, for the first time, United Way wanted to present Superlative Awards to the following companies who did something out-of-this world during their campaigns:

Columbia County Government


John Deere Commercial Products

State Bank & Trust Company


Columbia County Government was presented the “Furthest Reach for the Stars” superlative award for traveling the furthest to personally meet with each department throughout Columbia County, which is not an easy task when you think of how large the county is.

Elanco won the “Best Theme Song” award for creating their own United Way theme song to the tune of “YMCA” by the Village People and performing it during their kickoff, which was a blast!

John Deere was presented the “Best Outside the Box Thinking” award for having a group of employees volunteer with the “Ironman” as a fundraiser on behalf of United Way.

 State Bank & Trust Company won the “Best Pumpkin Carving” superlative for carving pumpkins using the outer space campaign theme.



Just like United Way’s company campaigns, the Partner Agencies also run a United Way Campaign each year. The 2016  “Agency Model Campaign” award was presented to:

Christ Community Health Services

United Way’s Partner Agencies not only attend ECM workshops, they also hold special events and include United Way speakers as part of their campaigns.  Christ Community Health Services ran an outstanding campaign in 2016.  Ron Skenes received the award on behalf of Christ Community Health Services.

Congratulations to all of the award recipients and thanks for your hard work to make your campaign a success for your company, United Way, and the community.  You are greatly appreciated!