Access to Resources Funded Programs

Disaster Preparation and Relief - American Red Cross Augusta Chapter

This program provides immediate emergency assistance and follow-up assistance to victims of disaster, including single family fires, tornadoes, storms, natural or man-made disasters, etc. Immediate emergency assistance consists of those needs that cannot wait, including food, clothing, shelter, medication, mental and health services, and more. Preparedness consists of disaster education - to include installation of smoke alarms, response planning, evaluation, and program refinement.

Health and Safety Education - American Red Cross Augusta Chapter

The Red Cross provides education and training programs that help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to occupational, community, and family health and safety emergencies. Training includes CPR, First Aid, Water Safety, Lifeguard Training, and Babysitter Training. Training programs teach people the critical skills and knowledge necessary in such emergencies to sustain life and increase the victim’s chance of survival.

Bridging the Gap Program - Center for New Beginnings Inc. 

Bridging the Gap provides over 1,750 therapy hours per month to about 130 clients. Our main site in Burke County houses on-site therapy (behavior modification, occupational, speech, physical, and specialized tutoring) by CFNB staff and outside qualified therapists all in one location; our Columbia and Jenkins Counties sites currently run Bridge Builders, described below. Bridging the Gap directly impacts our families through these branches: Bridge Builders, Intensive Intervention Training, and the Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy program for children with autism or developmental delays in both the one-to-one and small group formats. Skill Builders, small-group sessions for ages preschool to young adults, build skills needed for successful entry into the classroom, the work environment, and ultimately independent daily living. Brain Builders provides specialized academic tutoring for learning disabilities such as dyslexia, auditory processing disorder and language delays. Stronger Together provides our parent support which includes access to resources, relevant trainings, and respite care (highly qualified child care for special needs children).

Child Advocacy Center - Child Enrichment Inc.

Child Enrichment's Child Advocacy Center works with children who have experienced the trauma of sexual abuse or severe physical abuse. Therapists help children to understand abuse, and teach child victims and their caregivers how to protect themselves from further abuse and exploitation. These specialized services are not available anywhere else in this region free of charge. Last year, 634 children received services through the Child Advocacy Center, as well as 469 non-offending parents or caregivers.

Court Appointed Special Advocates - Child Enrichment Inc.

Child Enrichment’s CASA Program works with and speaks up for abused and neglected children within Juvenile Courts and the Georgia foster care system. The goal is for every child and sibling group who have been permanently or temporarily removed from their parents due to abuse or severe neglect to have a safe and permanent home. Last year, 498 children in foster care received Child Enrichment CASA Program services.

Dental Services - Christ Community Health Services Augusta

Affordable, quality primary dental care for the uninsured, the under-insured and the under-served of the CSRA. Fees

for uninsured patients are discounted based on household income and size. Patients include children, teens, and adults.

Health Services - Christ Community Health Services Augusta

This program offers affordable, quality primary health care to the uninsured, the under-insured and the under-served

of the CSRA. The fees we charge uninsured patients is discounted based on household size and income. Patients also

receive access to lab services and referral services as needed.

Emergency Meals Program - Golden Harvest Food Bank 

This program offers affordable, quality primary health care to the uninsured, the under-insured and the under-served

of the CSRA. The fees we charge uninsured patients is discounted based on household size and income. Patients also

receive access to lab services and referral services as needed.

Druid Park Community Health Center - Miracle Making Ministries Inc

In 1996, a team of volunteer doctors and nurses began offering quarterly health screenings in Augusta’s housing projects on behalf of Miracle Making Ministries (MMM). Services expanded to include primary care and prescription services and a permanent, full-time facility opened in 2004. Druid Park Community Health Center (DPCHC) relocated in 2010 to increase the number of exam rooms, and again in 2016 to its current location at 1018 Druid Park Avenue, which is in walking distance for more than 10,000 uninsured residents. Today, 13 board-certified physicians and a host of other medical professionals and volunteers provide primary medical care from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at no cost to patients. In 2018, DPCHC served 3,846 patients and provided 11,105 primary medical care encounters. The total value of health care services provided to the community was estimated at $2.1 million.

Crisis Counseling, Advocacy and Prevention Education Program - Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault Services

Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault Services is committed to responding and preventing violence against children, adolescents and adults. The program responds to the costly impacts that violence against children and families has on public health and development. Rape Crisis professional staff and volunteer advocates provide a 24/7 crisis hotline, crisis counseling, information and referral, system coordination, trauma focused individual and group therapy, personal advocacy, accompaniment during the forensic medical evaluation and medical appointments, and support through the criminal justice system. The prevention education program informs individuals and the community to increase public awareness and knowledge of sexual violence and child abuse by focusing on building skills and promoting attitudes, behaviors, and social conditions that will ultimately reduce and eliminate factors that cause or contribute to violence. Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault Services strives to incorporate victim centered practice into all operations with a core belief that at every community juncture the sexual assault and child abuse victim must come first in both policy and practice. These services align with the UWCSRA prioritized area of Service, Access to Resources, and aligns with Strategic Community Outcomes including that adults and children live a healthy lifestyle, have access to healthcare services, access to mental health services, and families in crisis may easily access resources they need.

Shelter for Families of Hospitalized Children - Ronald McDonald House Charities of Augusta

Through our Family support Services and Meal programs, we give families the ability to stay together and focus on the healthcare needs of their child. We provide housing and support to families of pediatric patients who live at least 25 miles away. Each family has a private bedroom and bathroom, all meals provided, recreational activities, laundry facilities and all the comforts of home that we are able to provide. We are an integral partner with hospitals and the care of their patients.

Support Groups and Education - SafeHomes of Augusta

The Counseling Program encompasses Support Group and Education as well as Individual Counseling. This program is one of the essential ways to support victims of domestic violence on their path toward thriving in the community and living healthy productive lives. Together with our crisis, advocacy, and shelter services, counseling adds invaluable skills, access to resources, and elements of emotional support to the physical support our clients receive for financial, housing, or legal assistance. It completes a more holistic approach toward healing and recovery from the wounds of abuse.

Prepared Meals - The Salvation Army, Augusta Area Command

Through our Prepared Meals Program, The Salvation Army combats local hunger by providing food and nutrition to our community's most needy citizens. By feeding those in need, we are assuring that children don't go to bed hungry and that our men and women are able to concentrate on more important things such as jobs, family, and housing. The program's goal is to ensure that anyone who comes to our door hungry will not be turned away. Approximately 250 meals are served each day, 365 days a year totaling over 90,000 meals annually.

Donor Hearing Air - The Speech & Hearing Center

We provide used, reconditioned/new programmable hearing aids, batteries, ear domes, earwax, and earmolds, to low income citizens with no other resources. We financially counsel to determine where they fall within the financial guideline for this program and have their hearing tested to determine their needs and fitted with a hearing aid.

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