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What does it mean to advocate? Advocate means to speak out or write in favor of; to defend or support something, to plead a cause. It’s a power that we all have. It’s standing up for others and what you believe in your heart. It can be championing a cause or simply not being silent. Living United means finding your voice and joining it with others.

As a leading community impact organization, United Way knows that real and sustained change in community conditions requires more than money. United Way staff and volunteers educate and engage members of congress, state legislature, local government, administrative staff, and other policymakers about the goals and priorities of the United Way community impact work.

Regardless of who you are – student, mom, dad, volunteer, donor, or recipient of United Way funded services, each of us has the opportunity to develop a relationship with the elected officials who represent you. Find out who your legislators are and then let them know about what is important to you.

Champion a cause. Reach out. Speak up. Anyone can be an advocate to advance the common good. Whether you’re speaking out to improve education, income and health, telling a neighbor about a new United Way effort, reaching out to a member of Congress, writing a letter to the editor, or simply wearing a LIVE UNITED t-shirt, you can help inspire hope and create opportunities for a better tomorrow. So go ahead and advocate in a LIVE UNITED world. Do it in public. Be visible. Be loud.