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On February 13, 2017, United Way launched the new “Get Connected” volunteer website.  This new website increases the potential for volunteerism, donations, and involvement in the community by creating a venue that both allows individuals to see the many ways they can make a difference and allows agencies to promote their needs.  Many nonprofits and charities in the area have already begun posting their volunteer and other needs online in hopes of increasing the opportunities for community members to get involved.

We need the heads, hands, and hearts of committed people like you to help us tackle the problems facing our community. We all have special talents.  Things we can do to help.  And, when we reach out a hand to one, we influence the condition of all.  Whether it’s reading to children, leading financial literacy classes for hardworking families, stuffing envelopes, or volunteering for Project Serve day of caring, there are numerous volunteer options available every day. Whether you want to volunteer with your family, coworkers, or on your own, we can help you find the opportunity right for you. Check out the Get Connected volunteer website link below.  Connect your generosity with hands-on engagement to make an impact in the lives of local CSRA residents.  

Give the gift of you.  Volunteer.