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Community Voice Mail Benefits the Unemployed and Homeless

Community Voice MailUnited Way became the new administrative site for Community Voice Mail in the CSRA, insuring the continuation of these services for the unemployed and homeless persons in our community.  Under United Way 2-1-1’s leadership, the existing service will be expanded to more agencies in Richmond County and expand to agencies in Burke, Columbia, Jefferson, Lincoln, and McDuffie counties.  Augusta is only the second community in Georgia to provide this important service.  Please call 2-1-1 for additional information.

What is Community Voice Mail?
Community Voice Mail (CVM) focuses on using innovative technology to connect person in need. We provide participants with a free, private, local phone number increasing opportunities for vital resources and support services. Community Voice Mail collaborates with social services agencies within the CSRA, expanding our community’s capacity to care.

National and Local
Community Voice Mail, a program of Springwire, is distributed through over 2,000 social service agency partners across the United States and Canada. More than five million calls a year are made to Community Voice Mail participants who would otherwise be out of reach. As a result, nearly 70% of participants report achieving their goals of finding a home, a job, or needed social services using Community Voice Mail.

Locally, Community Voice Mail is hosted by the United Way of the CSRA. Community Voice Mail numbers are distributed to social service agencies throughout the community who provide services for homeless, unemployed, at-risk or low income persons. We currently have partnering agencies in Burke, Columbia and Lincoln counties. Augusta is only the second community in Georgia to provide this important service.

How Does Community Voice Mail Work?
A Community Voice Mail phone number looks like any other number, and does not in any way signal the participant’s status or life situation. This 10-digit number goes to a voice mail box where participants can record their own personal, professional greeting, and enable callers to leave messages. Participants may retrieve messages 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any touch-tone phone. Given the transient nature of cell phones, Community Voice Mail provides a consistent and reliable connection, and pairs well with mobile devices.

“A Trusted Voice”
Information is the most valuable currency for people struggling to find a job or home.  We cannot assume that information is accessible to everyone. Resource Broadcasting is a unique Springwire program that enables us to deliver valuable, reliable information – from a trusted voice – directly to a participant’s CVM mail box. Resource Broadcasts can regularly include detailed information about job openings, job fairs, health fairs, housing information, weather alerts and community events. Please call 2-1-1 for additional information.