Education-Related Success Stories

I moved to Augusta with my young 5 year old daughter, Brianna, because I had to leave my current situation fast. I had no family and nowhere to turn after a bad relationship.  United Way put me in touch with a daycare program that I could utilize to help not only watch my daughter during the day while I tried to find work, but to teach her basic shapes, colors, and try to get her to begin speaking as she was educationally behind. Before arriving, my daughter had not spoken one syllable and I was beyond scared. The daycare helped me learn my way around town and put me in contact with a local staff agency where I was able to get an entry-level job and begin saving money for my first apartment. 


After being in this daycare program for just 4 weeks, my daughter began to excel at saying little words. She could recognize a few colors and is now working on learning her animals and everyday objects. 


Together we are working through a local transitional housing program in order to begin a new life. I hope to have an apartment very soon as I have learned from my past and want to build a better life for my daughter. All this was possible thanks to United Way funded program. 


Destiny, Brianna's Mom

Augusta, GA

My son Michael was entering second grade and had an issue with not reading on his correct grade level. One of his teachers sent home information suggesting I enroll him in a tutoring program offered in the school thanks to a United Way partnership. 


Michael struggled with paying attention in class and did not know all of his alphabets, unfortunately, but after being matched with a tutor that understood he needs, his confidence and performance began to change. Michael was being tutored one-on-one several times a week and I was able to see my son transform into a child that was excited to find books to read. He loved reading books about animals and within one school year, he was able to reach his correct reading level. 


We are now working on his handwriting and social skills as he is still shy, but has come such a long way thanks to this program. 


Cathy, Michael's Mom

Waynesboro, GA

What Impact Looks Like. People and families are helped every day thanks to your support and donations.


I was severely bullied for years in school. Sometimes for my size and other times because I liked to read, I was quiet, or I did not play sports.  My mom enrolled me into a Girl Scouts troop to help me socialize with other kids and learn much-needed leadership skills. What I did not know, or expect, is that I would gain confidence and increase my self-esteem. 


I have proudly been a Girl Scout for three years now and their outreach program helped me learn that words don't matter - it is actions that make a difference. I began to socialize more and soon had other kids to call my friends. We had a place where we could get along, not judge each other, but help build each other up. We found a place where we belonged. My troop continues to teach me that I can be anything that I want to be and that we are each special and that is perfectly okay!



Grovetown, GA

We knew our son was different from others but never understood why people were so mean to him in this day and age. He is a quiet person and stayed to himself a lot but that meant he also had no friends. 


Matthew's math teacher had a meeting with me and his father and suggested that we find a support group or mentor for him, or consider home-schooling.  Other kids just did not understand that Matthew was autistic and on the 'spectrum'. That is when we learned about Easter Seals. They gave him a mentor, almost like a big brother, that helped him talk more and learn to be okay around others. His mentor helps him do a lot of homework. He seems to understand things better and actually enjoys it.


We have outings with his other friends on the spectrum and it is something I look forward to because as a parent you want your child to have friends and try new things. They try bowling, rock climbing, and even dancing. Because of this United Way funded program my son has a place he feels safe and can learn.  No one is mean to each other and they have a sense of community between themselves.  



Matthew's mother

Evans, GA

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