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When Vivian came to our facility in 2010 she did not have any insurance and it had been years since she walked into a doctor's office. A friend noticed a spot on Vivian's arm and suggested that she see a doctor. She was referred to us by calling United Way's 211 Referral Department and was able to make an appointment to see a physician within one week of calling. 


After her initial visit, and biopsy, it was determined that her spot was indeed melanoma. The cancer, unfortunately, had spread to her lymph nodes and within a few days of visiting our office she was scheduled for an emergency surgery. 


It has been several years of visiting our office and her primary doctors, but Vivian is now cancer free and healthy. Without the care she received from Christ Community over the past years, Vivian's cancer would have been fatal and gone unnoticed. 



Executive Director, Christ Community Health Services

Augusta, GA

Our grandson Jayvon had been living with us for several months, unfortunately coming from a broken home, when we noticed he needed extensive dental care. We were struggling to make ends meet already but Jayvon did not have insurance of any kind. Thanks to a friend of ours for recommending we contact a United Way program that helps provide affordable and accessible health options. 


We were put in contact with a downtown Augusta health facility that was able to schedule a series of comprehensive dental visits to get our grandson healthy. Through their caring staff, we also were able to enroll Jayvon in a state-offered insurance plan for low-income families and schedule him for routine visits. 



Jayvon's Grandmother

Waynesboro, GA

After living a life full of abuse and mental anguish, I had given up. However, United Way and the Friendship Center taught me life skills, how to manage my medications and how to put one foot in front of the other. Thanks to the help and counseling I was able to live. I was able to create a new brave life for myself. I realized that I WAS WORTH IT!!

Through their guidance and programs, I achieved one of my goals - going to college. After 9 years of dedication, I received my degrees in Social Work and Sociology. However, I did not have enough experience to get a job. United Way then came to my aid with another program they invest so much care into: AmeriCorps VISTA - which stands for Volunteers in Service to America. Individuals are placed in nonprofits to learn valuable job skills that last a lifetime. My 3 years as a VISTA helped with my self-esteem, job knowledge, computer and people skills. AmeriCorps VISTA and United Way gave me the opportunity to find a job; and a job helping others no less.

United Way is not just an organization, it is not just a bunch of agencies…it is people. People like me. I have a job, I have an apartment, and I have a life worth living. United Way brought me back to society again. United Way is made up of change makers - real people who care and I will be forever grateful to United Way of the CSRA for giving me my life back.



Augusta, GA

Stephen's Story

Augusta, GA

Stephen was lost and turned to drugs to help him cope with life and stress. When he found a United Way supported program here in Augusta, his life began to turn around - ultimately his life was saved. 

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