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Access to Resources - Success Stories

What Impact Looks Like. People and families are helped every day thanks to your support and donations.



United Way funds help us provide emergency meals to hungry individuals and families.


Golden Harvest held a huge food distribution in the parking lot at James Brown Arena. We had tons of volunteer help from many community partners, including GAP Ministries, Mercy Ministries, Inc., Lutheran Church of the Resurrection - Augusta, GA, Project Life, Light of The World Outreach Ministries, and DCCM Food Pantry. Funding from the United Way helped Golden Harvest fund this distribution and others like it.

It was our biggest distribution in Golden Harvest's history! With the help of about 60 volunteers from 8 Richmond County Community Partners, staff from both our Augusta and Aiken offices, two 53' foot trucks, 3 refrigerated vans and the James Brown Arena, we distributed about 56,000 pounds of food to more than 730 families that Saturday. Fortina is a senior citizen who came through the distribution at James Brown Arena. She was a first grade teacher, then she worked for the healthcare system for 20 years as a nurse. She's came to the distribution because she's got some food but she wants to make sure she doesn't run out. She doesn't always have the money for food when she runs out. Also, she's a senior, so she's always concerned about going out in public during the pandemic. -- "I’m not out of food yet, but when I do run out, I don’t always have the money to buy more."

Christina Alexander

Golden Harvest Food Bank
Emergency Meals Program 


The funding we receive from United Way allows us to provide trauma-focused therapy and support that enables victims of sexual assault to work through self-blame and obstacles that allow them to reconnect and form strong relationships with family and friends without fear of blame and judgment.


The United Way helps us to restore their self-worth and desire to live again.

Our client was almost estranged from her family and isolated herself due to the fear of being judged. This was her first time seeking counseling. Only prompted by family to obtain help. She was shy, fearful, and apprehensive. She needed encouragement to voice why she sought help. She reported, passively avoiding relationships with her family due to her unfounded belief that they would judge her based on the trauma she experienced.


Upon engaging in the therapeutic relationship, delving into her story, and challenging her beliefs, her confidence grew. Her internal operating system shifted. She became open to explore new relationships that were built with healthy boundaries. She began using her voice again, by speaking out in public situations. She leaped and opened up to her family about her trauma. She has stated, "I'm ready to live."

Tiffany Luke

Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault Services
Advocacy and Prevention Education Program


Thanks, in part, to United Way's support, Chandra got the life-saving medications and basic medical care she needed.

Like many other Christ Community patients, Chandra didn’t have health insurance. In December of 2017, Chandra had a brain aneurysm, and then three months later she had two mini-strokes. “I’m on a lot of medicine,” explained Chandra. “To tell you the truth, I don’t know where I would be without Christ Community because, they’ve been working with me and I got approved for my Medicare. I’m glad people donate to help others that can’t get insurance,” said Chandra.


Ron Skenes

Christ Community Health Services Augusta 
Health Services

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