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United Way funds help us provide emergency meals to hungry individuals and families.


Jewell, a military veteran with a spinal cord injury, wouldn’t normally need help with food. “This is my first time getting help because usually my daughter can send me food,” she says. But that has changed.


Jewell’s daughter and grandson lives in Philadelphia, and Jewell is driving to Pennsylvania to pick up her grandson and bring him back home to stay with her so that her daughter can keep working while he is out of school.


“Now it will be me and my grandson. It’s going to make it a lot harder,” she says. “Whatever little money I do get through social security goes to upkeep of the house and to food.” 


Amy Breitmann

Golden Harvest Food Bank

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United Way funds provide financial assistance for safe housing and educational trainings. Funding helped to move this family forward, eliminating barriers to help them succeed. 

Ms. Bee entered our shelter due to a domestic violence situation. Because of this situation, she was having to live in poor housing conditions which led to DFAC removing her children from the home. 


When she entered, she was working part time for her sister’s cleaning business and was receiving disability benefits. Our staff provided case management and spoke with Ms. Bee about receiving educational training. Through a partnership with Training for Life, Ms. Bee registered for a CNA class with help from our staff. 


We provided Ms. Bee with clothing, personal items, and transportation to visit her children. She also successfully completed CPR/ First Aid and CNA classes. Additionally, our staff assisted her with locating safe housing prior to leaving our shelter. Ms. Bee was able to move into a new home with her children and begin putting her life back together.


Aimee Hall

SafeHomes Domestic Violence Intervention 

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United Way funds help us provide vital health care services.

Beverly told us “I've seen so much improvement since coming to Christ Community. I have severe asthma. Dr. Jeremy Wilson informed me about an effective treatment called NUCALA. I haven’t been at the hospital in probably over about two years. Before that, I was in and out of the hospital a lot. The staff at Christ Community are incredibly welcoming. Every time you leave, they pray with you and pray for you. The doctors take time to answer your questions, explain everything to you, your situation, what you need to do and what you shouldn't do. I feel so much healthier now. 



Ron Skenes

Christ Community Health

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