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United Way of the CSRA's Logos are available in .PNG and .JPG formats. 

  • The .PNG and .JPG formats can be opened in Microsoft Office products, web browsers, and many other programs on both PC and Mac platforms.

  • The .JPG format does not support transparency and will have a solid color background, in the case of our Logos, this will be a white background.

  • The .PNG format does support transparency and can be used in specific scenarios where a user might want to allow another background color to show through the logo; we suggest a navy background in this case, if possible. 

United Way of the CSRA adheres to strict branding guidelines in accordance with United Way Worldwide parameters. While we encourage your workplace and organizations to create custom print and digital communications to entice your donors and create engagement, we request that you only use the approved brandmark logos provided below. 

United Way of the CSRA main color logo

The below logos are approved for use and can be downloaded via Google Drive by CLICKING HERE. 

Full-color logo with a transparent background

United Way of the CSRA main color logo
United Way of the CSRA logo

Full-color logo with a white background

White outline logo with a transparent background

(navy box is used for reference - it is not a part of this logo)

United Way of the CSRA white logo

Black outline logo with white background



Branding Remarks:


  • It is preferred to use our full-color brandmark logo when at all possible; however, all logos are approved on this page. 

  • To ensure the integrity of the United Way brandmark, its width should never be reduced to less than .75 inches for print or special usage, and 90 pixels or 1.25 inches for screen applications.

  • Never attempt to redraw or rescale the elements of the brandmark or add other graphic elements to its presentation.  Also, do not extract any of the graphic elements contained in the brandmark to use separately without contacting United Way of the CSRA for permission.

  • The brandmark and the local identifier (United Way of the CSRA line under the picture logo) should be used on all marketing communications, including print collateral, advertising, and website.

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