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Corporate Contributions

Local companies DO impact local lives. Businesses of all sizes can donate to our mission.  


United Way of the CSRA relies on the donations from our community each year to provide funding to essential health and human service programs. Without your support and donations, over 210,000 individuals would not receive the help they need. 


Businesses small and large, corporate and locally-owned, are invited to make a donation and become a Community Champion. All donations collected in the CSRA, stay in the CSRA, so there's never a doubt that you ARE helping someone locally. 


  • To fill out our Corporate Commitment Form CLICK HERE

  • To learn more about the benefits of a corporate contribution, or to fulfill a corporate pledge, CLICK HERE to send our team an email. 



*Note: Company sponsorships are not to be confused or in lieu of a corporate contribution. If you are interested in becoming a company sponsor, please CLICK HERE. 

Join these companies and more who make a corporate contribution in the community they work in. 

(this list does not reflect all corporate contributions but rather represents the variety of industries)

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