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United Way of the CSRA leads the way in identifying health and human service needs and securing the resources that allow individuals and families to achieve their potential through education, financial stability, and healthy lives.  


Uniting, focusing, and mobilizing the strengths of the CSRA's finest nonprofit agencies, government agencies, companies, faith-based groups, and caring individuals is what United Way does best.   


You see, United Way is how our community comes together to set an agenda for making our community safer and stronger. WE invest resources. WE build partnerships. WE get real, measurable results. 

United Way of the CSRA unites people and mobilizes community resources to create lasting changes that transform lives.

Families in the CSRA will achieve their maximum potential by having access to needed resources, by improving their financial well-being, and by ensuring children of all ages are properly aligned for success.




We believe we must inspire trust and confidence while being transparent, accountable, and honest in communicating with our customers.



We value each person’s unique gifts that strengthen our community through individual experiences, skills, and resources.



We focus on the highest standards of quality and are committed to achieving our mission and vision.



We ensure effective, responsible, and ethical management of the resources given to us by our community.


We present a strong, united voice that inspires people to build a better, more self-sufficient community.



We work collaboratively, effectively, and strategically to improve local health and human service needs.



At United Way of the CSRA, our mission is to help all residents in our 12 county community achieve their maximum potential. This means we seek to engage our growing region through our work without regard to race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, veteran-status, disability, or socio-economic status.


We strive to create inclusive and equitable environments for our staff, volunteers, donors, community partners, neighbors, and communities we serve. We refuse to engage in or tolerate any form of unlawful discrimination or harassment.


Here at United Way of the CSRA, we work hard to ensure every single family has access to needed resources so that everyone has the opportunity to meet their goals, whatever they may be. With more than half of our community either living in poverty or living paycheck to paycheck, we are committed to Lead Families Forward throughout our region.


Leading Families Forward is our blueprint for lifting struggling families out of poverty. Our multi-step approach transforms lives from childhood to adulthood and beyond with the tools and resources for families to meet their full potential, regardless of zip code. Last year, we impacted the lives of more than 251,290 people in need. Our goal is to build upon this success by ensuring that all children, young adults, and families achieve their maximum potential through partnerships and investments so that we can continue to serve even more in the future.


United Way of the CSRA provides funding and support to programs in a two-state area, serving over 251,290 people every year, in communities across 12 counties. 

All donations raised in our service area, stay in our service area. 

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