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Citizens Review Panel

See how it works. Where trained volunteers protect donor investments. 


What are Citizens Review Panel (CRP) volunteers?

Volunteers are local citizens who help United Way achieve our goals by participating on a team with trained individuals to review and assess program proposals for funding. Volunteers then make recommendations to guide investment decisions that support our community goal of Leading Families Forward. But the process is easier than you might think – just take a look below!



How much time does it take?

  • January/February -  Volunteer training is held with United Way (2 hours)

  • March/April –   Volunteers review applications and conduct   site visits to program applicants (approx. 10 hours)

  • May -   Funding recommendations are compiled and   provided to United Way’s Board of Directors (1 hour)


       Total time investment = Approx. 12-15 hours

What qualifications do I need to do this job?

  • Dedication to serve a three-year term, with an option for an additional term and/or rotation to another panel. 

  • Passion for our community. 

  • Desire to be a change agent. 

  • Knowledge or experience that is aligned with one or more of the following areas:

    • Community Needs (i.e., knowledge of community collaborations, needs assessments, census data, direct client services, etc.).

    • Results Driven (i.e., outcome measurements, data collection, program evaluation, etc.)

    • Diversity and Inclusion (equal opportunity or accessibility expertise, familiarity with disproportionally, experience with inclusion efforts, etc.)

    • Governance (i.e., board of director's expertise, strategic planning, bylaw review, committee work, etc.)

    • Management (human resources experience, volunteer management, knowledge of public relations or marketing, program leadership or supervision, etc.)

    • Finances (knowledge of financial ratios, annual audits, bookkeeping, experience in nonprofit finances or financial management, etc.)

What is expected of me?

After being trained and grouped into teams, volunteers review grant applications, listen to program presentations, conduct site visits, and then make funding recommendations on how the funds raised can best be allocated to address the needs in the CSRA.


Count me in!
I want to join the Citizens Review Panel. 

Thanks for your submission. A member of our staff will connect with you soon!


Jada Humphrey - Ingevity

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