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Community Investment Process

See how it works. Trained volunteers protect donor investment. 


Investment Volunteers from our Citizen Review Panels help United Way of the CSRA achieve our goals by participating on a team of trained individuals to review and assess program proposals for funding. During this process, recommendations to guide investment decisions that support our four impact areas are discussed, financials reviewed, programs visited in-person, and a strategic plan created. 


How It Works

Application Submitted & Compliance Review

(December - January) UWCSRA staff review partner agency proposals to ensure they are on time and have all required information completed

Volunteer Training

(January - February) Our Citizen Review Panel Volunteers attend training with UWCSRA to ensure they understand our process, our goals, and their role. 

Program Site Visits

(March-April) Investment Volunteers from our Citizen Review Panels visit agencies, evaluate programs in person, speak with the staff and even at time program recipients, in order to complete their recommendation on funding. 

United Way Board of Directors Approval

(June) Funding recommendations are officially presented to UWCSRA Board of Directors or review and final approval. If for any reason there are discrepancies in the funding recommendations, UWCSRA Staff and the Investment Volunteers will reconvene to discuss next steps and if a re-evaluation is required. 










Financial Review

(January) Community Investment Volunteers review agency financials in order to ensure programs are fiscally sound.

Volunteer Review

(February - March) Volunteers begin to review the agency and program proposals and build their commentary for upcoming site visits. 

Review Findings & Wrap-Up

(May) Community Investment Volunteers meet to discuss program assessments, site visit observations, and to develop their initial funding recommendations based on the program's proposal.  In addition, our Financial Review Volunteers meet to share their findings of agency financial assessments and make recommendations as well. 

Programs Are Notified of Approved Funding Amounts

(June) Agencies are notified of their approved funding amounts for the next program year which begins July 1. 

Interested in being on our Citizen Review Panels in the future?  View our flyer and please email Angela Collins at for more information. 

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