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Childhood Success - Success Stories

What Impact Looks Like. People and families are helped every day thanks to your support and donations.


United Way funding helped us hire another teacher so that we could accept an additional child into our program and provide him with the nursing and therapy care that he needs each day.

Braylon's mother was very concerned about her son's development and her inability to work because she couldn't find placement for him in a daycare with his conditions. She told us her son was diagnosed with HIE (loss of oxygen to the brain) at birth. As a result, he wasn't walking, talking, eating, or sitting alone. This meant that he would require a lot of individualized care while at school.


Unfortunately, we were unable to enroll him in our program at the time because of his extensive need and our lack of staffing to cover another child.


Then we received the United Way funding and were able to hire two more teachers. One of those teachers would care for 4-year-olds, which allowed Braylon to enroll in our program.  It was an exciting day for everyone involved!


Now, Braylon is making progress each day and is starting to become more alert at home as a result of his care and interactions at Apparo. We are so grateful for the funding that allowed us to hire two additional teachers and accept children like Braylon into our program.

Jennifer Jones

Apparo Academy
Early Education and Intervention Program


A small amount of United Way funding provides incentives such as candy, erasers, and pencils. These treats can often be the difference between a student who wants to do more and a student who is unmotivated to advance. Alecia’s response to the positive reinforcement shows the effectiveness of this model.


Lamar Milledge Elementary School invested in a program this year called Accelerated Reader. Its purpose is to encourage kids to read more by offering tests on various books, allowing kids to track their progress, and teachers and staff to reward them for passing these tests.


A couple of kids on the caseload have taken the format and prospered within. Additionally, 1/3 of the students attended the "AR Dance," which required a certain amount of points with a pass rate of over 80%. One student in particular named Alecia is currently the top AR reader in the 3rd grade. In our room, we reward reading success with treats such as candy, erasers, and pencils, and Accelerated Reader's implementation created a more efficient tracking model of their reading scores.


For instance, just looking at Alecia’s numbers alone, her reading level has improved from early 2nd grade at the beginning of the year to solidly on grade level currently. She is even reading chapter books.


Through positive reinforcement and her ability to tangibly track her performance, Alecia has proliferated, and that postulate holds nearly universal throughout our caseload.

Laurie Cook 

RISE Augusta 
Helping Hands Program

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Without funding from United Way, we could not have our afterschool program. Funding helps keep our afterschool program going so that we can partner with incredible organizations such as Columbia Fire and Rescue.

Because of a valued partnership with Columbia County Fire and Rescue, enough money was raised to take each of our afterschool students shopping right before Christmas.


Our students were so excited to go "shopping with a fireman!" Many of them shared the same sentiment of wanting to get items for a younger sibling and not just themselves.

Teka D Jenkins

Columbia County Community Connections
Harlem-Grovetown Afterschool Program

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