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United Way funds made it possible for us to provide different types of learning tools for our students.

Tyler is a third-grader who has autism. His mother passed away, and he and his siblings are currently being raised by their grandmother. Tyler often becomes angry and lashes out at other students. However, since coming to the Dream Academy and working with our staff, his patience has improved dramatically. 


Tyler doesn’t care much for playing with other kids. He prefers to come inside and use the computer or the Kindle. He and I sit and discuss what makes him angry and ways to deescalate his anger. We agreed that he should ask to be dismissed from the activity and come to talk with me, or just have time to sit and reflect when he's feeling agitated. Now, Tyler often asks his after-school counselors to be excused before a problem erupts. This has helped decrease his disciplinary issues, and we are so proud of Tyler’s behavioral progression.


Teka Downer

Columbia County Community Connections

Harlem-Grovetown Afterschool Program

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Thanks to United Way funds, Ann gained confidence and skills to help her succeed in school and beyond.


Among the many troops participating in the Girl Scout cookie program, Ann and her troop members in Augusta gained confidence and built financial skills during the program.


In addition to learning how to run and market a business, Ann and her sister Girl Scouts learned to be positive, counted money, developed proper selling techniques, and learned to track sales. Older and younger girls worked together to set goals and achieve them. Throughout the program, Ann and other Girl Scouts in her troop worked with others different from themselves while learning to navigate a multi-cultural world.


Debbie Smith

Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia 


Because of United Way funds, we are able to support and comfort Haley "Cricket" and her family every time they need us.

At the Ronald McDonald House in Augusta, Facilities Director Nikia Bennett calls Haley Grace “Cricket” because of her playful joy, constant smile, and because “she’s always hopping around and playing."


Haley has brain tumors, epilepsy, kidney issues, and other things she has been battling throughout her young life. She had brain surgery 5 years ago.


In her mother, Rachael Peeples, words, "if it wasn’t for the Ronald McDonald House of Augusta and the staff there, I don’t know what we would have done. Our family travels now once a month to Augusta for our appointments. RMHC is our home away from home and takes the burden away from us of where to stay. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to afford to come to the best doctors around. Their staff are our family. Without them, these difficult times would be even more difficult. RMHC is our God-send and we will be forever grateful for the love, care, and compassion we feel each time we arrive at our home away from home."


Betts Murdison

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Augusta

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