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Starting a Workplace Campaign

We have easy ways to donate. Let our team help you start a campaign! 


United Way of the CSRA relies on the donations from our community each year to provide funding to essential health and human service programs. Without your support and donations, over 210,000 individuals would not receive the help they need. 


Our team would love the opportunity to speak with you regarding a workplace campaign, how we can get your workforce engaged, and educate your staff about what we do! 


When starting a campaign, we suggest thinking about:


  • What time of year do you want to run your campaign?

  • How will your employees be able to donate? Through payroll deduction, an online United Way form, or do you have a corporate office option? 

  • Approximately how many employees are you looking to put this campaign in front of?

  • Will our staff be able to come to your workplace and present or talk about United Way?

  • Will you rely on printed materials or more digital files to communicate with your workforce?

  • We find that it is best to have a committee or at least two to three individuals in charge of a workplace campaign so you can divide the workload and reach more staff. 

Let us know you're interested in running a campaign!

Our team will connect with you.  

Thanks for your interest. A member of our Resource Development Team will be in touch with you soon!

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