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211 CSRA Team

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Recognized by the United Way Worldwide February Newsletter

We are so proud of our CSRA 211 team! They are dedicated and everyday make a difference in our community.

Oftentimes you aren’t afforded the ability to connect with the families we serve once the conversation ends, but sometimes families will call back; at times for additional assistance, but also at times to thank you for the impact you made on their lives. This Impact Highlight reflects just that. Resource Manager Cynthia Martin answered a call from a mother who was raising her autistic son. The mother shared that was aware that she missed the deadlines for Christmas assistance, but she simply wanted to provide a few gifts for her son.

Activate #TEAM211! The team at United Way of the CSRA 211 in Augusta, GA worked together and gathered donations to ensure that this family had a few gifts to open on Christmas morning. This act of kindness did not go unnoticed, and the team often received calls and updates on the progress of the caller’s son.

This year the team decided to dedicate their 211 Day of Service to this family and provide a bedroom makeover for the now young man who enjoys wrestling, his favorite character is Roman Reigns. The young man was overjoyed and continued to express how grateful and happy he was with his new room. Thank you to the staff of United Way of the CSRA for your support of the community and the impact you make one caller at a time.

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