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Harness the power of giving ... with United Way.

The power of giving truly is profound. Yet, many easily overlook how giving ultimately inspires change.

United Way of the CSRA fully understands how important the power of giving is. It receives your gifts, and distributes them to 44 partner programs in our CSRA region that work daily on changing the lives of those in need.

"United Way supports programs that are completely local. Donations raised here - stay here!"

These programs support our community by focusing on three fundamental areas that lead to living a better life: education, financial stability and health.

In 2017, United Way of the CSRA was able to help over 218,000 local residents in just some of the above programs.

Now, those who give on a regular basis do so for a variety of reasons. In fact, you may already be a giver and may be experiencing the power and humility it provides. The power I talk about is the power of receiving a two-way gift - a gift of servility to you and in return your actions have gifted transformational power to others. You won’t find many opportunities to truly transform the lives of others like you do with United Way of the CSRA.

Through your demonstrable acts of love, United Way of the CSRA has been able to have an impact the lives of 3.3 million people over the past 15 years. This is true change right here in our community. Your gifts also are often multiplied with United Way’s network of resources so that many lives are touched by just one simple act of giving.

But that impact extends past the recipient of the United Way-supported program. Your gift has the power to have an impact on their loved ones, their colleagues and even their neighbors.

"Over 3.3 million people have been impacted by United Way of the CSRA over the past 15 years."

An essential aspect of giving requires ownership. One cannot give what she or he does not own. Therefore, if you are able to give, you now have inherited the ownership, understanding and responsibility for the growth and development of our community. Giving allows us to behave as invested stakeholders in lives - local lives. Your investment undoubtedly will be heard, seen and felt locally while having a lasting impact on our economy.

"Your donations, in reality are investments in your community’s well-being."

This truly is the season to be thankful and to be joyous. But unfortunately, not everyone has that opportunity. Embrace your personal power of giving, as many of you are in a rare position to touch so many lives during this holiday season and beyond. United Way hopes that you will consider their ability to multiply the power of your gift through great stewardship, their accountability for results, and their collaborations through partner agencies that serve those in need in our community.

I ask that you Live United, and join me in inspiring change by giving to your United Way of the CSRA today:

  • Text UWCSRA to 40403

  • Visit

  • Call (706) 922-8928 to discuss running a workplace campaign where employees can have the power of giving through payroll deductions.

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