• United Way of the CSRA

Hocus, Pocus ... it's Focus(45)

We admit ... it can be scary to launch something new but United Way of the CSRA isn't spooked at all when it comes to engaging our community's rising leaders.

Our next generation of community leaders tend to get a bad rap in the world today. Often being referred to as millennials, young leaders, selfie-takers, Gen whatevers, avocado toast lovers, and other labels we'd rather not use right now, ... this workforce brings energy, social responsibility, and philanthropic gumption we need to harness in order to grow our mission and deepen our impact.

Shelly Good (City of Augusta)

While those of the X and Y generations are often criticized for being selfish and narcissistic, they are in fact some of the most generous with causes they believe in. Our rising leaders need to be understood and valued. United Way of the CSRA wants to learn more about their motivations and create a sense of ownership around community events that make an impact right here in our backyard. After-all, ownership and engagement are the first building blocks of an ongoing relationship.

That is why we decided to create and cultivate a new affinity group here at UWCSRA focusing on syncing rising leaders with activities that resonate with their values. This group is for our leaders under 45 (years of age, not inches we aren’t talking fair rides here people) who are looking to connect with each other through community events AND make an impact on their own terms. After much discussion (and several cups of coffee) we decided to give this group a name: Focus45.