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Stock Gifts to United Way

Did you know you can transfer gifts of stock and securities?

Read and/or download the instructions below to impact local lives with your stock!

Instructions for Transferring Gifts of Stock/Securities to United Way of the CSRA

1. Please send written instructions (or a completed broker transfer form from your broker's institution) to your broker specifying that you wish to make a charitable contribution to United Way of the CSRA. At a minimum, please include the five items below in your transfer instruction document:

a. include the issuer of the securities (the type of stock) and/or ticker symbol
b. include the number of shares (or the minimum gift value)
c. instruct them to transfer to Wells Fargo Advisors account # 88352269
d. include “this account belongs to United Way of the CSRA, Federal Tax ID #58-0566155”
e. specifically request that the donors First and Last Name are transferred with the details, otherwise, they will not release your name and we will not know how to acknowledge the gift

2. Your broker should transfer securities to United Way of the CSRA via the broker account listed below:

Broker Firm: Wells Fargo Advisors
Account # 88352269
DTC # 0141
Phone: 800.872.3377

3. Please notify Debbie Brown, Director of Finance at United Way of the CSRA, so we can then expect the transfer of securities and provide the proper tax documents to you. The broker will not automatically notify Debbie, so please do not omit this step when the transfer is initiated or completed. A fax or email copy of the transfer instructions from step #1 above will suffice.

Here is her contact information:

United Way of the CSRA
Debbie Brown, Director of Finance
1765 Broad Sreet
Augusta, GA 30904
Phone: 706.922.8926
Fax: 706.922.8985

Thank you for your support of United Way of the CSRA!

To download the above instructions in PDF form please >> CLICK HERE.

Rev. October 2019

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