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United Way funds help provide tools to cope with addiction and gain employment.

In Jennifer's words, "I am the mother of three children whom I love dearly. I was in desperate need of help for my addiction to alcohol because my life was very unmanageable and full of destructive behaviors. I needed to start a life that would allow me to be more productive so that I could take care of myself and my children. As I was seeking treatment, I found the Hope House website and called to set up an assessment. I went in for my assessment on July 3, 2019. From the very start, I felt that Hope House would change my life and lead me in the direction that would help me fight the battle of addiction. I felt like I could really open up to my counselor, and she assisted me with finding the perfect treatment plan that would assist in my recovery.


This was when the journey towards a better life began. Since I was in outpatient treatment, transportation back and forth to group therapy was an issue for me. Hope House of course had the solution. They assisted me with transportation. On the days that group therapy wasn't available, they had a care team that I could call or they would call me to make sure that I was doing well while in outpatient treatment.


The greatest part of this process was that I never felt judged. I was able to open up by discussing my feelings and concerns. Hope House assisted me and is still assisting me with the tools needed to help me on this road to recovery.


Hope House also has a transitional housing program that assists participants with housing and working towards sustainability. For me, this was very much needed. Receiving housing has taken the stress of worrying about providing a stable environment for me and my children while in recovery, away.


Hope House also has a program that assists with employment. All of these things have been beneficial to me while on this journey. I am employed and able to provide for my family. This is the happiest I have been in a very long time. Experiencing the joy of being free from addiction, and having the support needed to accommodate me while on this journey has truly been a blessing.


Coming to Hope House changed my life.


Sylvia Beam

Hope House

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United Way funds help us provide individuals like Trenton stable, permanent employment. 

Trenton came to Augusta Training Shop several years back with an eager excitement to begin working. Trenton had never created art with his hands, but this was about to change. We fell in love with Trenton the minute we met him with this positive personality, willingness to learn, and uplifting spirit.


Trenton was not 100% sure of himself, never making handmade items. He was a bit shy to accept affirmations of his work, but soon began feeling comfortable. His coworkers surrounded him with love and acceptance immediately. After years of hard work making snowflakes, Trenton was chosen by Walt Disney World to tell his story about his work at Augusta Training Shop.


Walt Disney World sent a film crew to our shop to learn about our snowflakes, and our employees that make them. Trenton was thrilled to be chosen and did a great job on his interview. After seeing his video and the interactions online, it has made Trenton feel very special. He thinks he is now a movie star and loves to hear from people around the country who have heard his story!


Audrey Murrell 

Augusta Training Shop, Inc. 

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United Way funds allow our Job Skills Training Program to invest in highly trained and professional facilitators. 

The following success stories share graduate reflections on knowledge and tools gained from the Winter 2020 Job Skills Training Program session.

 “I am most proud of being able to see this program through, despite so many challenges in the last weeks. My confidence has been the biggest change in my life since starting this program. I now know what I am capable of and understand my priorities and goals in a different way than before.” - single mom of one, age 22 and in recovery after 9 years of drug abuse

“This program has made me such a better me in ways I thought I was already good at. Not only have I made progress, I have succeeded with my goals. I got a job as a Pharmacy Technician. I had a major obstacle in the middle and I overcame it. I am most proud of completing the program to the end.” - single mom of three, age 24

“The biggest change in my life is that I now face each day with a positive, open mind. I could relate to each and every aspect of what was offered in this program. The instructional classroom time was the most effective, with thanks to the coordinator (Amanda Crooks). It has helped me positively shape my days. All of my plans, goals, and achievements will be different because I now know myself and I’m confident in my own strengths. I have made significant progress on all of my short-term goals. The biggest change for me is in my confidence. I will now approach each task of every day with confidence.” - single mom of three, age 31


Kristin Cordaro

The Salvation Army, Augusta Area Command

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