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Youth Success -Success Stories

What Impact Looks Like. People and families are helped every day thanks to your support and donations.



United Way funding allows children like Jasmine to grow, free from judgment through understanding staff and new opportunities. She can now take her newfound confidence and apply it to any part of her life. She is no longer afraid to try new things or be herself, and the Club has been instrumental in that change. 


Jasmine grew up in the Augusta area with her brother and mother. Her brother was the more the loud, energetic, boisterous type. Jasmine usually erred on the reserved side. Jasmine grew up estranged from her father, struggling to establish a connection with him and his side of the family.


Though she did well in school, Jasmine didn’t join any extracurricular clubs or activities. After school, she would come straight home. Other than her family and personal friends, Jasmine didn’t spend much time or energy trying new things.


When Jasmine first joined the Club, she had no intentions of participating. Because of personal insecurities. She felt more comfortable not engaging with various activities around the Club. She used this as her shield. If she didn’t try, then she wouldn’t have to worry about potentially being embarrassed or left out. She would feign disinterest and tell herself that she didn’t want to join anyway.


However, after seeing how her brother would come to the Club day after day, putting himself out there and being accepted, she began to consider taking a leap of faith. Slowly but surely, Jasmine tested the waters by opening up more to staff and other members. She joined in on group games or projects that she would have earlier passed up. She now embraces a more artistic side of herself by participating in dance classes at the Club and discovering her interest in drawing.


Nowadays, she can’t envision a life apart from the Boys & Girls Club. She’s been a member for many years and it’s a place that she can consider being instrumental to her growth. 


Jasmine is an example of what the Club is meant to do when it works. We help turn children who need us the most into productive, caring, responsible citizens. She’s now indistinguishable from the person she used to be. She loves to be involved and try new things. She’s now the one to get her friends to try activities they don’t believe they will like!

Adrienne Patterson

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Augusta
Afterschool and Summer Programs for Teens (ages 12-19)


United Way funding for autism services provided resources for extended coaching to help a young woman and her family achieve effective transportation planning for their household.


Katie is a shy, very reserved high school student in Columbia County Georgia. She is on the autism spectrum. The nature of her home location requires being able to use automobiles for transit. She has a devoted mother, who works in the medical field and often has extended work hours.


Katie and her counselor from EasterSeals began planning for her to study for her permit and license process soon after she began her life coaching lessons.


Individuals on the spectrum often resist trying to drive for many reasons including anxiety, trust, and attention issues. She was not immediately sold on her need to develop this skill and expressed the belief that her mother would always be able to help with transportation. Her mother was actually very eager for her daughter to drive to ease some of the stress of her daily schedule. We worked through a plan that included reviewing the rules of the road and discussing scenarios in which driving would be an asset.


Over time, Katie became comfortable with the idea and registered for classes, but unfortunately, an illness developed that slowed her progress. Her counselor did not stop encouraging a return to the driving education process. This encouragement continued for several months. When COVID hit, this gave the family a bit more time to practice and Katie obtained her license.


She now drives herself to and from school, which cuts down on ride time and allows her more time to study. The ultimate goal for her driving was to attend Augusta State University and provide her own transportation. She is now on her way to achieving that goal. 

Lynn Smith 

EasterSeals East Georgia 
Autism Support Services

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United Way funding made possible learning skills and giving back to the community in ways that lead to a stronger academic journey and regular school attendance for our youth.


This summer, Troop 20025 made and donated pillowcases to the Ronald McDonald House in Augusta. Abby and Julianne made and donated 100 of the pillowcases!

Debbie Smith

Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia, Inc. 
Traditional Troop for Youth Success

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