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United Way funds helped pay for a therapist that helped Brittany heal from her abuse. 


After enduring years of complex trauma in her home, 14-year-old Brittany was able to share her experience when she first came to Child Enrichment’s Child Advocacy Center. Once she revealed her story, she and her siblings were moved into foster homes to begin the next part of their journey.


This journey included counseling, something which Brittany was unsure of at first. Her life had taught her to distance herself and build walls between herself and others, and she often claimed she was motivated by negativity and doubt from others. Through counseling, Brittany began to realize she’d coped as best she could by making negativity work for her since it was all she had.


After over a year of counseling and participation in their SPARCS group, she has removed some of those walls and enjoys being a child instead of her siblings’ parental figure. Although she received some blame for telling the truth about her trauma, Brittany has developed healthy boundaries and surrounds herself with those who believe her. She now looks forward to graduation, college, and a future life inspiring and helping others.


Kari Viola-Brooke

Child Enrichment, Inc. 


United Way funds help us provide specialized counseling.


Taylor graduated from high school last spring and has been trying to succeed in a welding class at Augusta Technical College in Waynesboro. He was struggling, and at first we worked on study habits, but soon realized that he was having difficulty reading.


We suggested he get an audio version of his textbooks, which seemed to help. Then, his classes were suspended due to COVID-19. To continue assisting him, we began meeting (with social distancing) to work on his social skills. he revealed a history of bullying that has made him distrustful and unwilling to ask for help. We continued to meet in person and then switched to phone calls to reinforce his ability to develop coping mechanisms for stress.


This process will continue, and Taylor admits feeling more in control of his emotions and understanding what may trigger an outburst of anger. We hope United Way funds can help him continue this self-realization journey.


Lynn Smith 

EasterSeals East Georgia 


United Way funds support our programs focused on character and leadership development. 



Ariana joined the Keystone Club in the summer of 2019 and attended their summer conference. Keystone is the Boys & Girls Clubs' national leadership and civic club.


While on a college exploration trip with Keystone, she was offered a $10,000 scholarship. That compelled her to become more involved with Keystone. She is now the Keystone President! In this role, she helps execute college trips for the month, runs the schedule for the Keystone Store, and leads Keystone meetings.


Ariana suffered from a skin condition in the past, but the positive energy and feedback she receives from her peers as their leader gives her comfort. This has boosted her confidence and leadership skills.


Adrienne Patterson

Boys & Girls Clubs of the CSRA

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