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Other Ways to Donate

No cookie-cutter or single way here. 

We have several ways that you can impact local lives. 


United Way of the CSRA understands that people like options. Outside of our payroll deduction workplace campaigns and online donations made through our website, we have several ways you can make a donation to our cause and help impact the lives of many local individuals and families anytime during the year. 


Click any of the below to learn more.  


Leave a lasting legacy in your community. 

Deepen your impact in our community and our local citizens through the United Way of the CSRA Legacy Impact Forever Fund (LIFE). This planned giving initiative empowers you to continue providing for those most in need in our area - forever. It is designed with easy and cost-effective ways for you to leave your legacy. 


Whether it is through a will, donated real estate property, retirement plan assets, life insurance, charitable gift annuity, remainder trust, or lead trust, our Planning Giving Advisor can answer all of your questions.

CLICK HERE for more information!


Please EMAIL US so we can discuss these common ways to give, forever. 

Donate stocks to a local blue chip! 

You can donate stock(s) to United Way of the CSRA and share your gains with a great local mission. 


Learn how to transfer stock earnings as your next donation to United Way by CLICKING HERE!  


Be a change-collector and change-maker! 

Would you like to donate your spare coins to helping others?

Maybe your church group, classroom, or workplace would like to have a few United Way Coin Jars to collect even more coins and create your own "Gather to Give" event. 


Coins can be donated (whether rolled or loose) by dropping them off to our office, or you may EMAIL US to schedule a pickup of coins or to request a plastic 2-quart coin jar with a company/school/organization custom label.   

Kindness goes a long way and comes in different forms! 

Did you know you can donate tangible items to our mission? United Way of the CSRA accepts various new, and unused, items such as gift cards, movie tickets, headphones, and other small items to be used as giveaways and thank you prizes for our most generous donors right here in our community. 


We also gladly accept bottled water, sodas, juice, and snacks as donations to be used throughout the year for our fairs and community events to keep overhead to a minimum. 


When you donate any gift-in-kind you will receive a receipt for tax purposes and become a member of our Partners for Good coalition.  If you have any new items you would like to donate to United Way of the CSRA, please

EMAIL US for further instructions. 



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