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CSRA’s Lifeline to Help

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Happy 211 Day!

Millions of Americans need help recovering from the devastating effects of the pandemic. You can give them the help they need.

211 is powered by real people — trained specialists who work to identify and address the root causes of a client’s problem. That means from the first hello, someone in crisis is reaching a real person who can provide a connection to help.

In a crisis, in a disaster, in a pandemic, 211 is here to help every person in every community find food, pay for housing and bills, and connect to other essential services.

Many people continue to feel the impact of the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly lower-income Americans, people of color, and those without a college degree. As our neighbors struggle, 211 is still fielding more than double its normal calls, mostly for help with housing, bills, and food. We need your help to make sure this critical resource continues in communities across the U.S. and Canada.

By supporting 211, you help connect struggling families, nearly 55,000 a day, with essential services and resources in times of crisis.

Donate today to be a part of solving community problems and transforming lives for the better. *We now accept PayPal and crypto donations too!

Bridging the Gap Community Resource Fair

211 Resources given to our homeless and those in need

United Way of the CSRA was at Bridging the Gap community resource fair hosted at the Salvation Army's Center of Hope. United Way of the CSRA's Community Impact and Americorp VISTAs team participated on behalf of UWCSRA CSRA 211 team. Also, several non-profits and city departments were present to give a helping hand to our homeless and those in need.

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Unknown member
Oct 27, 2022

Çan someone please call me at 706-588-2570 I need help


Lucretia Dawson
Lucretia Dawson
Oct 10, 2022

I'm a homeless single female,I call all the shelters and the 211 hot line for help for shelter and no one I mean no could give me help. I need a place to stay for 30 days until my apt. come through for me .I'm 64yrs.old with a disability. Is this America?.

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